Park & Public space on the seaside

Парк Взморье

Skippers' Canal, Vasilyevsky Island (Gavan) , Saint Petersburg

Seaside recreational zone with 17000 square meters for business and creative pursuits
We launched the renovation process of various buildings belonging to erstwhile 'Priboi' factory , in the seafaring 'Gavan' area of Vasilyevsky Island, with the aim of giving a new life and meaning to what has historically been an area closed off to the public for more than 100 years.

The main motif underlying the renovations is setting up a creative cluster and cultural-recreational zone for city residents as well as guests, where everyone can find a place and suitable activity for himself. We are setting up a new place for business, cultural and social activities, taking into account the historical context as well as current needs of the city.

Prospective partners include those from the catering industry, creative and public services, IT industry, sports and educational services, media and artistic communities. Join us!

Seaside Park is the first urban development in Saint Petersburg where a multifaceted interaction between the city and surrounding water bodies drives the planning and vision.
History and Perspective

The edifices of the former factory 'Priboi' are situated in the western part of Vasilyevsky Island, along the scenic Skippers' Canal, which runs from the river Neva and the Gulf of Finland to the quieter harbor in Galernaya. The area is steeped in history, with several architectural and engineering monuments of federal importance located there.
Seaside Park aims to become a hub for communication, business and creative initiatives – an enhancement to the urban infrastructure. The project will develop in stages with a long term perspective in mind, breaking down the huge territory belonging to the former industrial complex of 'Priboi' into functional quarters that will be put to use in phases.
The first phase of the project is a public promenade along the seafaring Skippers' Canal and the part of the territory that extends along the Gulf of Finland.
Facelift of the territory in collaboration with the city administration. Street lights, grass lawns, places for relaxation, open air stage.

During warmer parts of the year, it will be possible to enter the territory using the waterways and park the vessel along the shore. There will be a boat station with rental facilities nearby. During the winter months, we plan to use the frozen water bodies to our advantage by opening up a skating ring, ice-boat racing and sportive fishing as well as exhibits on the bay.

Restoration of the western watchtower which included organizing the museum and observation deck is an important part of the development process.
First Corpus – a functional and spacious building located along the embankment on Skippers' canal – is a natural choice for providing the primary infrastructure for cultural and educational activities in the park.
Every floor of the sea-facing building is assigned a specific functional role:

The first floor is reserved for food, music and the entire culture surrounding it: cafes and booths from independent restaurateurs catering to a wide range of formats, spaces for movie screenings, and wide, spacious verandahs leading to the waterfront on the Skippers' canal and the bay.

Second floor is designated as an exhibition-educational space. It will be occupied by galleries and educational initiatives, as well as a co-working with a sea-view.

Third floor will serve as a business centre catering to the creative industries with spaces for classes and workshops, loft-studios, and other spaces to facilitate work.
In the medium-term, we also plan to open a family theme park, trade centre, concert and sporting area.
Winter sports: Ice-boat racing, skating, skiing, under-ice fishing and difference forms of winter recreational activities on the seashore.

In the years 2017-18, active territory of the project will expand to cover more territories along the shore, and possibly a landing-stage for ships and cruises, with space for seaside cafe, mini-hotel, public zone and shop for maritime tourism goods. We place a great emphasis on setting up recreational facilities and other services for small vessels and people interested in marine activities.
October 2016
Open office launch
November 2016
Preparing the first projects & further developing
December-February 2016-2017
Public promenade opening.
Ice rink, Food, Cultural program.
March-May 2017
New places & functions opening. Second part of the public area construction.
Seaside Media Open
Modern media art festival in First Corpus & Seaside Park area
Skipper Ice rink
Ice rink on canal opening. Winter 2017.
Event production

Iniciatives & business
Join the project

Press & public

Парк «Взморье» / Seaside Park
Vasilevski isl, Gavan district, Skiperskii protok 14
+7 (812) 643-43-81 // 12:00 – 18:00

Nearest metro station & hi-way:
Primorskaya - 2 km
Vasileostovskaya - 3 km
Sportivnaya - 4 km
ZSD to island - 3 km (11.2016)
Bolshoi prospekt - 1,5 km (2018г)
Gavan - 500 m (2020г)
Marine passenger port - 1 km (2020г)

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